Here at the Millom Folk Museum, we’re all about publicising articles about some other local museums and sharing the support out there. As many of you know from our last post, we’re currently struggling to keep our visitor numbers up to a high enough level to keep our museum running throughout the year. While we expect to see a large increase in the amount of people coming to Millom throughout the summer months, we’d like to increase it all year round by publicising ourselves online and hopefully driving a few more visitors. One thing that we’re doing to hopefully facilitate this growth is writing posts on here (the blog) for other museums and then hopefully getting some coverage back in return, we’ll see what happens though – I’m not too confident that this will work, but even if it doesn’t we’ll hopefully make a few friends along the way.
Our first post is designated to the National Cycle Museum, located in Wales. The actual full address of the Museum is as follows:
The Automobile Palace
Temple Street
Llandrinod Wells
Pows – Mid Wales
If you would like to contact anybody at the museum to make a booking reservation then their telephone number is 01597825531. Everybody at the museum that we have managed to speak to has been absolutely lovely. They have assured us that the majority of the time the museum is open between 10 in the morning and 4 in the evening. However if you would like to make a booking for later on in the evening or potentially even start your visit earlier on then they are usually more than willing to accommodate too. Days are usually fairly flexible for larger groups, although this ultimately depends on the availability of all the staff members. One other thing to bare in mind is that the museum can be particularly busy on school holidays and this generally varies somewhat throughout all the different seasons.
The National Cycling Museum is an independent charitable trust whose aim is to promote interest in all aspects of the bikes, or folding bikes history. They typically encourage a group visit, rather than single people – in addition it’s important to realise that any school visits will receive priority over and above the public at any of their UK events. Their website has an easily accessible online library that contains a wide range of historical data about both the museum and bicycles too. It is widely regarded as being on of the finest and leading bike museums in the world, quite shocking knowing that it is situated within the middle of Wales. They have an extremely large array of different exhibitions available to visit on any given day and their tour guides are exceptionally knowledgeable and are more than happy to answer any questions that anyone may have about the museum or cycling history too. Please let them know that we sent you here if you decide to visit the museum following reading this post, hopefully they will send some people our way to the Millom Folk Museum and our exceptional mines.

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