Today’s post is going to be based upon what we believe are all of the top museums in the country, or more specifically in London – where the majority of the best ones are. While we do love our dearest Millom Folk Museum, we are more than well aware that we are but a small fish in a rather large pond. The museums listed below are the largest and most well renowned museums in the entirety of the United Kingdom. Number one has to go to the British Museum, this internationally renowned museum is absolutely outstanding in almost every single way. It is actually one of the world’s oldest museums, it contains a vast array of different types of collections that can have you wondering around its many chambers for hours and hours on end. It is full of classic pieces and first time visitors are usually overwhelmed by the sheer amount of different exhibitions on offer, many simply do not have enough time to get around the whole place.One consideration that must be made when deciding whether or not to visit the museum is if the exhibitions that you want to visit are actually open to visit by the public on that particular day – sometimes large swathes of the museum will actually be closed and therefore it is crucial that you choose the day of your visit carefully. Some of the other popular pieces in this large museum is the Mummies, the Rosetta Stone, the Lewis Chessmen, Sutton Ship Burial piece and of course the Lindow man too.
Number two has to go to the V&A museum, this museum is nowhere near of the same scale as the British Museum, however it has an incredible amount of world renowned pieces. The majority of work at the V&A museum is based upon the decorative art collections. Some examples of these include ceramic based sculptures, portraits and a wide range of photographic pieces too. These pieces are designed to highlight classic British culture and they have a particular interest of the 1501 to 1900’s range of dates, including the reign of Henry the 8th and the late Queen Victoria too.

Our final museum that makes the cut in our top 3 list is the Natural History Museum, another museum that is known all across the world as one of the finest. The museum is set within the Alfred Waterhouse buildings and they contain a momentous 70,000,000 different types of fossil, rock, mineral, plant and animal specimens – quite an extraordinary array too. They have a full scale skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex and a selection of other dinosaur species. This is certainly one for the young family, expect to be in contention with a large number of tourists at any of the exhibitions due to its central London location. However, don’t let this put you off at all, it’s definitely worth a visit – as with all the museums on this list, but as with anything popular, expect to deal with the masses of people visiting, no matter what day of the week.

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